At RGTECH, each prototype project is unique and customized.

We listen to our customers requests and identify the right process to satisfy them. We calibrate technology and craftmanship, we deliver on time and exceed expectations.

At Rgtech we combine the professionalism of our employees with innovative technology to offer our customers mulotypes, handmade/of tool prototype and pre series parts in the shortest time possible and with the best quality attainable.

We offer all this for the automotive and railway sectors. Over the years we acquired the following certifications:

UNI EN ISO 9606-2
EN ISO 15609 – 1
ISO 9712:2012
ISO 18273 S Al 5356
IATF 16949 and TISAX for data protection are scheduled.



RgTech is able to develop internally all the activities for the assembly of battery cases for the automotive sector. The skills developed with important customers (Ferrari, Maserati) have made possible the creation of a specific department specialized in assembly of battery cases.
– Welding quality (state-of-the-art welders, professionally trained personnel, WPS, macroscopic analyses, radiological analyses, analyses with penetrating liquids, equipment suitable for guaranteeing the high quality of welds, dimensional control of welds)
– Geometry: internal assembly procedures to guarantee the correct geometry (surfaces and distances) in battery module areas and the control of battery case surfaces to ensure the correct operation of cooling systems.
– Cleaning: through internal procedures, RgTech can guarantee the standards required for the cleaning of battery cases before the assembly of battery modules
– Electrical tests: specific tests with the latest generation of instruments allow to measure the electrical characteristics of the battery case (e.g. electrical resistance on battery samples in mohm)
The skills developed during these years allow Rgtech to provide a specialized service for the assembly of battery cases for the automotive sector guaranteeing the particular quality required by these assemblies. Advanced equipment, high skills and specific internal procedures guarantee a specific service in this sector.
RgTech can also provide all the services for the supply of aluminum components of the battery case dealing. Starting from the customer’s cad data, we take care of the production of all components that require machining, stamping and other necessary processes for the supply of components for the final assembly.
Our metrology department allows the monitoring of the critical dimensional aspects of the battery cases (flatness of the battery module support surfaces, flatness of the cooling system surfaces, and dimensions of the battery module connections).


RGTech can supply complete car bodies, special vehicles and aircraft. Starting from the customer’s CAD data, all components are built, subgroups assembled, and then joined together. All this through the construction of specific equipments or by using measuring machines suitable for the purpose, therefore without excessive investments.

Some major projects are:

  • SUV supercar prototypes
  • Electric micro-car prototypes


Together with the assembly of vehicles, RGTech specializes in their transformation: starting from the customer’s idea (a sketch or simply a render), we study, design and build all the components necessary for the realization of the initial idea.

If it is a one-off, there will be a minimization of costs for all the activities that we carry out; if it is a prototype, all the activities and all the components will have a design respecting the necessary resistance parameters, but with the aim of reducing costs for future productions.

The major projects are:

  • ONE-OFF Sedan to coupe transformation
  • Transformation off-road vehicle into convertible (small production)
  • Transformation of ONE-OFF luxury coupe into luxury convertible
  • Implementation of modern power-train on old concept bodywork
  • Restomod