RgTech offers high competence in special welding. Thanks to last generation various equipment and specialized and certified personnel, it is possible to perform all manual, TIG, MIG and spot welding and guarantee their quality. 

The activities can be summarized as follows: 

  • Storage of materials in suitable areas (cleanliness, temperature, etc.)
  • Cleaning of the materials before welding by washing them in a tub or washing machine


Rgtech has acquired over the years a comprehensive ability to manage complex projects. Through the synergy of all internal departments, we can take care of the total assembly of the car body, with extreme efficiency and advantages (time/cost).

When required, one of our production center is used for the complete assembly of the vehicle, in protected areas with controlled access.

In 2020 Rgtech has set up a new production area dedicated exclusively to the assembly of complete frames, with the following equipment

    1. Tig, Mig and point welding
    2. Special equipment for nailing, stapling, gluing and sealing
    3. Tests (leak tests, x-rays, macrographs, friction analysis)
    4. Assembly line for frames/fixtures